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September 2010

Autumn Days − don’t you just love the different hues and flavours a new season brings − am making today fruit compote with blackberries from the hedgerows and apples from our apple trees in Wales. Even as I write I can taste the complexity of the flavours.

Our dog, Robbie, a most faithful and endearing hound reached the end of his journey this week − he was very ready to cross the bridge to the other side. Nearly fifteen we rescued him when he was a large puppy and he grew into a gentle giant − loved other dogs (his friends), loved chasing squirrels and loved talking in his deep no- threat growl. He could engage in a conversation with you for hours and he particularly enjoyed it when my sister chatted to him in her version of Russian. Somehow we all knew what we were saying to each other.

Mindful of three other animals who might miss his large presence, two boys who had grown up with him and not to forget a very dedicated dog walker Ian, I burnt some neroli essential oil to ease the feeling of loss and separation. For Robbie I wanted his time of crossing to be without fear and to offer a hand of comfort to him and to me. I put some Frankincense on the palm of my hands for him to gently inhale and stroked his body in long slow motions. He looked very peaceful and he moved on with great dignity much loved by all.

Starting preparations for the Christmas Show in November − making handmade soap scented with rose otto, neroli, lavender, and geranium − very excited as Angel has printed special paper for them to be wrapped in!