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Autumn is beckoning!

Going  up the gallops I suddenly got a sense of autumn and despite a strange summer of warm but not necessarily very sunny days I have enjoyed the lingering daylight hours and, in particular, the vegetable patch and the biggest gourgette plant you have ever seen.  It is prolific and very satisfying.

I have seen our frog three times and got a good picture of him.  He is happy and settled in  his wee pond.  Autumn smacks  of harvest and abundance and in that vein I bring to mind my new collaboration with Pacific Essences and their essence Abundance.  Use to connect with the larger flow of life , for infinite possibilities and to alleviate self doubt.  Participate fully in the adventure of life by gently releasing limiting attitudes.

The frog is known to be the herald of abundance and fertility – it is also deeply connected with water and the energy of the moon and yesterday was a blue moon.  This autumn let’ s call forth for fresh possibilities in our lives and look at diving into fresh waters to cleanse, heal  and help things grow and to stir new blood into our veins.  Earth element with lovely notes of coriander, cardamon, frankincense, sandalwood and peppermint will keep the feet on the ground with all this raised activity.

Enjoy the feast!