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Stretch out those fingertips

the clock ticks on regardless…….I am mindful of getting older but more mindful of the danger of shutting down my world.  A year on from a minor yet impactful injury I realise I have narrowed my horizons in a too many ways. This autumn is for stretching out the boundaries and embracing fullness and feeling the stretch right to my finger tips!  The people in Ebola stricken countries are feeling restrictions in every way in their lives and are being threatened not just by the virus itself but by the very core of their existence.  Fear is a very invasive enemy and it is easy to have it get hold of you instead of making it your ally.  We have at our fingertips some mighty powerful allies which are potent anti viral friends.  Ravensara which comes from Madagascar is the most anti viral essential oil known and a daily bath or shower can lend us good protection against any lurking virus.  We can always learn from the past and it was from the North American Indians that Western medicine learned to use echinacea as an immune booster and it is now a staple of many household medicine cabinets.  We have the ability to help ourselves as maybe many do not  so let us embrace what is available to preserve good health.  Aromatics have always played a role in the maintenance of health and this notion has never been devalued.  So while I am stretching out and reaching some of my shut down parts I am making use of my aromatics allies so that I can feel vital and alive again!!  The Christmas show at Tobias and the Angel starts on 26th November and I invite you to come and sniff our aromatics friends to delight your olfactory senses and feel great!