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Plain Bases

Plain basesAll my plain bases are a complete preparation in their own right, fragrance free and can be used on their own. The ingredients are all vegetable based, not derived from petro-chmicals, not tested on animals, contain no animal by products and are suitable for vegans. The manufacturer is BUAV approved. The focus is on using biodegradeable ingredients, with no frills packaging − you pay for the contents not the fancy boxes. No unnecessary ingredients have been added, any extra goodness can be simply mixed in to suit your needs. They are great value for money.

As ideal companions to the essential oils and herbal preparations, you can make your own lotions and potions either in single doses or whole bottles and jars of foot lotion, bath oil, moisturiser or hand cream to suit a teenager, grandparent, son, daughter, baby, husband, wife, aunt, uncle or friend.

You can use these bases just as housewives did in the old days to make your own simple potions for use in your home to combat infection, for general care of the face, body and hair and to create lovely fragrant aromas. A bespoke skincare workshop can give you some solid guidelines if you want to get to grips with blending and cooking for your body.