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KinesiologyUntangle your knots!

Do you feel out of sorts or tearful or unable to cope? Are your children under pressure at school? Are you allergic? A lock of hair can answer these and many other questions. Yet how can a lock of your hair provide clues?

Well, it is a scientific fact that an electrical field known as an aura surrounds our bodies which changes in quality when psychological and physical conditions vary. As long as energy flows efficiently through our bodies we keep in good shape. However, stress of daily living puts pressure on our energy systems and, when faced with an ongoing traumatic situation, we can get overburdened and out of balance. If an energy obstruction is created and the stress continues, this may well settle within a particular part of the body.

Using kinesiology as my diagnostic tool, I tune into your energy system to find blocks to the flow. I check out twelve meridians, including liver, stomach and spleen, (immune health) and identify weak areas. Then I work out the essential oils, vibrational remedies like Bach Flowers (called happy drops by some), herbal preparations to make lotions and potions so that the aura can again vibrate and oscillate freely.

Simply put a tiny lock of hair into a self−seal envelope with their name and contact details on it. I will do the rest and ring you with my findings. You may well be surprised how much insight you get.

I also offer Reiki healing sessions from my home on a one to one basis and Reiki attunements from level 1 to level 3 (Reiki Master). Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that originated in Japan − everyone can do Reiki once they have had the power source lit up in them. It is a powerful yet gentle treatment and easily accessible to all. It also can be used for distant healing to great effect.