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The Mighty Nose

Our noses are indeed the source of much excitement. Some of or oldest and most laden memories are associated with odours. A particular perfume or long forgotten scent can immediately conjure up senses and emotions of the past.

Our olfactory epithelium contains 5 million olfactory neurons and on these neutrons there are between 500 and 1000 individual receptor proteins.  The olfactory area of the brain lies deep within the limbic system which contains the Hypothalamus which in turn is connected to the pituitary gland. It is through this association the the Hypothalmus affects bodily functioning by its influence on the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems.  Not just a physical influence the lim ice system also affects the emotional aspects of behaviour.  Pain, pleasure, anger, rage, fear, sorrow, affection, sexuality can be released, heightened or subdued.

Sniff a particular essential oil or blend of oils and neurotransmitters such as encephalitis, endorphins, seratonin and noradrenalin are released in the limbic system by odour stimuli.  Depending on their range of influence these can help to reduce pain, relax, calm, stimulate, sedate, awaken and create feelings of euphoria or wellbeing.

Here lies the basis of the art of aromatherapy  they directly influence the body’s own systems and also offer their well documented actions be it antibacterial or anti fungal etc.

Come sniff my essential oils for yourself and be tantalised by their power  they are special friends and well worth meeting

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