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Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinetRevisit old customs by using finest herbal preparations. It used to be customary for a housewife to prepare basic medications for her family. The herbs would be selected from the garden and neighbouring fields and forests. Making healing ointments, lotions and infusions was just as natural to them as growing vegetables and fruit and bottling and preserving the harvest for use throughout the year.

The changes in the past years have meant that the experience and knowledge and indeed confidence to be able to heal ourselves has been lost and we have left the preparation of medicinal remedies to pharmacists and drug companies. The medicine cabinet consists of nine basic herbal preparations that form the basis of a concise range of products for first aid in the home and to tackle common minor ailments. The products are of excellent quality, sourced with integrity and where possible are organic.

They can be used to support the digestive, immune and nervous system, and are excellent aids for bruising, sores, sprains, strains, arthritic joints and rheumatism, eczema, irritant skin rashes, chickenpox and general aches and pains.

Use these preparations with ease just as they are or gain some more confidence about them by attending a half day workshop.