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Essential Oils

Essential oilsSourced with integrity, my essential oils are unadulterated, in their pure state, their chemical components are not tampered. Optimum quality is the only way to produce fine aromas, the best therapeutic results and to avoid possible side effect. These potent oils should be used sparingly and are cost effective.

An essential oil is the life force of the plant and its special and unique mix of natural chemicals make it a complete sturcuture with incredible vitality from the earth. Effective for both physical and emotional needs as the two are so closely connected, each oil has its own qualities with its signature aroma and healing properties. They act upon the individual in a unique and subtle way. They are extracted by steam distillation (lavender) simple expression or pressure to the peel (lemon) or extraction using volatile solvents for the more delicate flowers (rose).

The use of aromatic essences in the home was something every man and woman knew in years gone by. The basics are simple and fun to learn at a half day workshop and provide a wealth of riches to those that want to turn back to nature’s pharmacy.

They can be used for massage, baths, compresses, inhalers, vaporisers and general beauty care for the face, body and hair With a kinesiology test I can make personalised preparations for you.