Knots Elementals: Discover living life as nature intended


AnimalsWell, although I list those three I have worked on sheep, a bull, cows but they are the ones that I most get my hands on! Is your cat jealous of the new kitten? Has your horse lost a field companion or been separated from his mum too early? Is your dog feeling arthritic?

A kinesiology hair test works really well for animals as you don’t have to have them moving about while you work on their energetic field. Animals just as humans have an electrical field known as an aura that surrounds their bodies and just like us they suffer from a variety of ailments both physical and emotional but unlike us they cannot readily tell us what is wrong with them and how they are feeling.

A kinesiology test based on the chinese meridians helps identify their weak spots, gives an insight in to their emotional state, what stuff they are holding onto and often a clue as to what might have happened to them before we became their guardians. This can be really helpful and can offer real support to the animals themselves and the owners. The test will reveal which essential oil, aromatic waters, herbal preparations they respond to and from that they can have preparations made for them to help clear up physical and emotional problems.

Put a small bit of mane, tail, or coat into an envelope and I will test the hair and come back to you with my findings.