Knots Elementals: Discover living life as nature intended


WorkshopsI run workshops for groups of four plus (maximum 10) to learn to blend and make your own preparations. You get familiar with 20 essential oils of exceptional quality and you get to play − cooking for your face and body. At the alternative medicine cabinet workshop you learn about nine difference herbal preparations that can keep you and your family healthy − fight a virus, help with eczema, tackle a bruise head on. Both workshops give a your very own fact file (link to Factfile) to keep, there are handy note pages for you to record your own preference and recipes that you learn during your workshop. Girls find that they love this as a birthday party for their special friends and they take samples home with them.

Around Christmas time it is fun to do a Christmas shopping halfday and I help you make preparations for all your friends and family with all products labelled with your own messages. I have quite a collection of empty bottles and jars to choose from and a good number of antique bottles for that really special gift for someone you love. This can be a lovely time with mum and daughters to create, learn and make personalised presents. Cost starts at £100 plus preparations.