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Pacific Essences

Pacific Essences - Flower EssencesI have been using Pacific Essences for many years and have found them to be exceptional vibrational remedies. Sabina Pettitt founded Pacific Essences in 1983 in order to explore the therapeutic qualitites of plants native to the Pacific Northwest in Canada. She lives on the edge of the Pacific and, together with her husband, Michael, she has been guided to make remedies from plants and creatures of the sea.

Sabina asked if I would consider being her distributor in the UK and I surprised myself by saying yes!! They need to be available to us all and I feel honoured to help make that possible here in our country. I have many stories to relate about the essences and how they can help us be in our busy lives and I hope that I will have the opportunity to share them with you over the coming months and years… The essences have great resonance and they will speak to you as they have spoken to many. The range is here available for you to explore.