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Here we are again…

Here we are again in damp soggy conditions trying to pretend that the warmth of the sun is just ever round the corner. I look a bit pale and needy of sun as these are not the dark days but supposed to be summer!! I am indulging in lots of sunshine essential oils to keep the spirits up as I do not want to feel seasonally affected in the summer but struggling a little. So out have come my mandarin collection, my petitgrains, the lovely florals like rose and jasmin and all is good with the world.

The tadpoles are struggling and still very small − I was excited at the thought of my own tiny tadpoles growing up in the equally tiny pond − there are four of them with back legs now − but they are not as far on as they should be. However, i check them out daily and all seems good with them despite lack of expansive growth. Slugs are everywhere and we have not managed to grow a single lettuce but at least we dug up the first of our potatoes yesterday and will be enjoying them with some broad beans.

I went to Canada for two weeks which was an amazing journey for me and I joined up with Pacific Essences as their UK distributor. Not an obvious move for me but one I am very excited about as I have used these vibrational remedies for about eight years and have much time for them. The journey is bound to be an eventful one and I welcome talking to any new people who find me because of this new alliance.

I hope you enjoy my updated website − at the very least the ordering process is much easier even if I have not quite got to the online shopping cart yet. Watch this space as hopefully that will materialise before the end of Autumn. All in good time…