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Hedgehogs and Frogs!!

We had a most stunning bay tree in our garden which seemed to climb right up to the sky and we were devastated when it got a disease. Despite numerous efforts to save this majestic noble bay we had to cut it down (done very lovingly by Lucy’s Tom). He left a handsome stump which looked displaced in our garden and this prompted a total garden makeover which has given us much joy and satisfaction. We have fallen in love with our garden all over again after 25 years.

We now have a pond, small but perfectly formed complete with a frog and a vegetable patch reminiscent of our old allotment days which has provided us with yummy produce all summer and even into autumn. The bay stump is covered with nasturtiums and a climbing honeysuckle, we have planted a Victoria plum tree, an espalier apple tree and a new bay to boot. I have had two encounters with hedgehogs − one when the dogs disrupted his sleep amongst a pile of leaves and I was most concerned for him as he was so traumatised and lying on his back breathing very fast. I gave him reiki and some rescue remedy and after half an hour he slowly turned over and then gratefully crawled back amongst the tree roots to hide and fully recover. I was much relieved to see him better!

My frog (as I now call him) is a joy with the longest legs and he is amazing to see stretched out in his full glory gliding across our pond. I am mindful of these encounters in my life right now, having just turned 60 it feels the time is right for fresh attitudes and clearing out of one’s wardrobe so to speak and makeover one’s life in general. I can enjoy my life and maintain a sense of wonder about it, in spite of negative conditions. I can shuffle along, without too much seriousness and still achieve! If I am being too mundane, mired in the mud of everyday life, like my frog I can dip and dive into fresh creative waters and not get bogged down!

The rose shot is a gift from our gardens made from many, many rose petals and, if it takes your fancy, you can indulge in some for yourself!