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Barbara’s blog.

November 2010

Ian, Barbara, Biskett, Florence, Tia and Rupert!!!!! You might well ask yourself where the Rupert came from (I ask myself that almost everyday) as Tia was a really contented only dog after Robbie moved on. Happy in our only dog household we were taken completely by surprise one Monday morning when asked if we would take on a young French Bulldog puppy who was looking for his home! I was unsure and put all the onus on Ian who, on sight of selfsame dog (now called Rupert), went soft in the eyes and said we would have him. He settled in my arms and clearly indicated that he considered this to be HIS home and Tia discovered that she loves being a Mummy.

Back to puppy training with show looming and all systems are go! Gus has left home and moved into his house and Rupert has been a welcome distraction for a Mummy who is feeling the flight from her nest. The Christmas show starts on Wednesday, 17th November at Tobias and the Angel. I have had despite all the distractions a really creative burst and feel very excited about my Christmas. I have made soaps, intense scents in a handy roller ball phial, soothing eye gel and put my spin on the reed diffuser so that, as always, you can personalise your potion.

I would love to welcome you to the shop if you feel like a visit − I am there every Wednesday and Saturday until Christmas but, as always, happy to chat on the phone and talk through gift possibilities with you if you cannot make it in person.

Happy days − enjoy the lovely rich traditions.